Panda GO Sport rules of competition are implemented to ensure a safe, fair race for all participants:

• Participants must respect the predefined course, change of course is prohibited;
• The organizers reserve the right to prohibit rolling objects (strollers, scooters, …) on the course.
• In order to free the venue, the race will close at 11:30
• Adapted Equipment ¬ to the practice of sport is essential. The organizing committee reserves the right to prohibit participation if this condition is not respected.

Baggage Deposit and Collection: Participants shall deposit personal belongings by the order of bib number at designated area before the start. After the race, participants shall go to respective area for collection. Please do not put valuables in your deposit bag (such as mobile phone, identification document, cash, keys, credit card, iPad, etc.). In case of damage or loss, participants shall bear all the consequences arising. Service of baggage deposit the race day will be closed 15 minutes prior to the race start. Please plan your time accordingly.
Water and Refreshments station will be provided around the venue and at the finish line.

2. Medical Aid
The Organizing Committee has the right to ask for a medical examination of an athlete. The medical staff is entitled to determine if it is not suitable for an athlete to continue the competition.
Participants should be healthy and have a long history of running. Participants can choose to participate in one of the 10 km group, 5 km group and 2.5 km group according to their physical condition and ability.

The Organizing Committee strongly recommends that participants go to the appropriate medical institutions for physical examination and personal accident insurance.

Patients with the following diseases should not participate in the competition:
● Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease; Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease;
● Myocarditis and other heart disease patients;
● Patients with coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia;
● other patients who are not suitable for exercise;
● pregnant women.

Note: In case of special circumstances and emergencies, the organizing committee has the right to decide to close the event in advance, participants must obey the command.
Medical aid volunteers will be staffed at 2 medical aid stations, assisting in medical aid and maintaining race order. Participants can seek help from these volunteers when needed.

3. Registration and Payment

Registration limit for Zurich : 500 Participants. A draw is conducted if registration entries exceed the number.

Registration and payment can be completed at the official website of Pandagosport. Details can be found at “Registration” released at the official website.

Race baggage pick-up: successful entrants shall go to the designated venue to pick up race baggage. Details will be released prior to the race at the official website.

Once registration successfully confirmed, registration fee will not be able to refund.

A flat fee per team, whatever the number of participants and distance
The registration fees will be for a local organization
Adjust or cancel the event
In case of adverse weather events, including but not limited to fire, thunderstorms, heavy rains, … the Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel or temporarily adjust the event;
the Organizing Committee will not refund the registration fee.

4. Award Method

Special awards for the Youngest family / the Love Panda attitude / the Funniest looking / the most Creative.
Lucky draw

5. Insurance
The organization committee as subscribed a liability insurance