PandaGO Sport was founded in Chengdu, China in 2014 by an international group of sport-loving friends.

Our goal is to encourage families to have fun taking part in sports together, and raise awareness and money for good causes at the same time.  Why the panda? Well, we all like to have lazy days when we do nothing except eat lots of our favourite food and sleep, just like the big black and white bears. However, these cuddly giants are highly endangered, and so pandas help remind us all of our responsibility to look after ourselves, our children and the world we live in.

As running (or walking or skipping or jumping…we don’t mind what you do) is something almost all of us can enjoy, we decided to organise a family fun run.  In 2015, the first PandaGOsport event attracted over 400 runners, with 140 teams, 160 kids and 18 nationalities. By 2017, in two places, Zurich and Chengdu, the same day we attracted almost 1000 participants and 26 nationalities, with more than  6500 CHF raised for Charity

Sport is also a great way for people of different cultures and nationalities to connect, and in 2017, PandaGOsport is coming to Switzerland.  With the kind support of Gemeinde Zumikon, our International Family Fun Run will be held on 13 May 2017 on the beautiful forest trails around Zumikon.

The event is open to mixed groups of children and adults, and you can complete as many laps of the 2.5km course as you like. Participation cost is fixed for one team of up to 5, and there will be fun prizes on the day.

Our aim, as always, is to help families get active together. As an extra bonus, we will be raising money to finance social projects linked with kids, local community and environment protection

By Heather Moore