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8 : 30 Arrival  PandaGO Village, Schiessverein Zumikon, Süessplätzweg 34, Zumikon

9 : 00 – Opening Ceremony

9 : 15 – Warm Up

9 : 30 – Start

Around 11 : 30 – Award Ceremony

Pick-up your starting pack

 – Friday 25th May from 3 pm to 4 pm at ICS (Strubenacher 3, Zumikon)

– Sunday, 8.30 am, in the PandaGO Village, Schiessverein Zumikon (Süessplätzweg 34, Zumikon)


Schiessverein Zumikon, Süessplätzweg 34, 8126 Zumikon

Parking : ICS (Inter-Community School), Strubenacher 3, Zumikon

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Big Raffle

Tickets for the Raffle available on your starting pack and possibility to purchase more on site and winning :

  • Sunday brunch at Le Muh, Swissotel

  • 2 Nights Suite at Radisson Blu Zurich Airport

  • Dinner at Tower Grill Restaurant , Radisson Blu Zurich Airport

  • Gift Basket, Volg Zumikon


Be creative with your costume and win a special price for it

  • Micro Freeride MX

  • 70 chf at Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel

  • 2*50 Chf at Seedamm Plaza


What to expect

  • Professional Warm up and stretching (by PK Coaching)

  • 2 Refill stations + 2 Medical stations

  • Timer (to see your performance)

  • A photo station (By CSS)

  • A catering area in the village (bring cash to enjoy it)

  • Presentation of Charities

  • Prices  +  Games

Get Ready

Panda Sport2

Put in the Practice

Even though it is a fun run, it is still good to be prepared, so make sure you set aside some time to train. This is especially helpful if you are running the longer 10km distance. Each week, gradually run further distances until you reach the 10km mark.

PAnda Costume2

Select a costume

Get creative with your costume! Think outside the box and have a laugh; when else can you dress in fluorescent colors, tutus and wigs and win a special price for it ?

Walking panda2

It’s not all about running

Fun runs often see a range of people walking, jogging and running so don’t feel afraid to mix up your run with a light jog or walk if you are struggling. It is all about taking part and enjoying the atmosphere.

For Charities

Thanks to our generous partners, PandaGOsport 2018 is now 100% funded.

All registration fees will go to charities (Jane Goodall Institute and Schweizer Berghilfe).

We have already 40% of last year tickets sold.

It is time to register and have a nice starting

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Why a Panda ?

Pandas are cute and fat. We love them.   At the same time, they have amazing agility and skill.

Definitely, they are the best ambassadors for the environmental concern. But behind their Teddy Bear looks, we could say that they are a little bit lazy



Be fast !

Limited places!

At just 50 chf per team, it’s also one of the cheapest race entries in Switzerland.With distances of 2.5,5 and 10km, there is something for everyone, and all for a good cause




Our aim, as always, is to help families get active together.

As an extra bonus, we will be raising money in support of a local organization the Schweizer Berghilfe and an international NGO Jane Goodall Institute and share 50/50 of cash remaining


Berghilfe JaneGoohall

Visit our Sponsors page

Gold and Silver Sponsors


Visit our sponsors page… we will tell you more soon about goodies and prizes.



Registration is now OPEN !

Sunday May 27th   8:30 – 12:30


Limited Places


Corporate Challenge

Grab your work mates for the PandaGo Corporate Challenge, Sunday 27 May, 2018.

Did you know that a shared challenge outside work is the best way to get to know your colleagues better and improve your performance a team?

For the first time this year you can enter the PandaGo Corporate Challenge, with a prize offered for the company with the most participantsmore…


Save the Date !

Zurich : May 27th

2nd Edition

Registrations open on 10th March !





They have already trusted us




Why not sponsoring ?

To make PandaGOsport a nice family event and keep all the registration fees to finance Charities, we need sponsors.


If you liked our 2017 fun run, please share PandaGOsport around you.


We have plenty of nice sponsorship opportunities


Looking forward to your email : contact@pandagosport.com