Grab your work mates for the PandaGo Corporate Challenge, Sunday 27 May, 2018.

Did you know that a shared challenge outside work is the best way to get to know your colleagues better and improve your performance a team?

For the first time this year you can enter the PandaGo Corporate Challenge, with a prize offered for the company with the most participants. With distances from 2.5 to 10km, the challenge is accessible to everyone, and you can walk, jog or run as you prefer. It’s not a relay, so there is no pressure to go fast, it’s just a great way to have some fun in the fresh air in the beautiful Swiss countryside around Zumikon. Team costumes are very welcome!


Interested? Here’s some ideas on how to make it happen

Here are a few ideas on how you can find more team members for your team …

  • Talk to your manager, HR department or Health and Wellness co-ordinator about having your company cover the entry fees. The Corporate Challenge is a great team building exercise which also promotes an active and healthy lifestyle
  •  PandaGOsport raises money for Schweizer  Berghilfe and Jane Goodall Institute . If your company supports charity initiatives or has a Corporate Social Responsibility programme, they may well be able to pay your entry fees or sponsor the event in some other way.
  • Print out one of our posters and pin it to the notice board. Add your name and contact details so that people who are interested can get in touch. We can mail you a poster if you prefer.
  •  Use your company email system (check on your organisation’s policies on this first!) to share the Corporate Challenge details.
  •  Find other runners and walkers in your company – they tend to be sociable people who love a challenge, and this is a great way to combine both!

How to enter:

To enter, download the spreadsheet below, fill in the details and return it to us at before the cutoff date May 13th.


Many companies chose to cover the entry fee (which raises money for our charities) on behalf of their employees. If your employer is paying, please tell us the contact name and address and we will send an invoice.   If you are paying directly, the team captain should send us the payment by bank transfer before the cutoff date May 13th, giving the family name and company name for reference.

IBAN : CH16 0900 0000 8947 7975 3                                    BIC : POFICHBEXXX                                                                                             Account name : PandaGoSport Family