Charity Project in Switzerland

Our aim, as always, is to help families get active together.

As an extra bonus, we will be raising money in support of a local organization the Theodora Foundation and an international NGO Jane Goodall Institute and share 50/50 of cash remaining


Theodora Foundation


The Theodora Foundation brings joy and laughter to children  in hospitals and in specialist care centres for children with disabilities.  The Foundation finances and organises specially trained  ‘Giggle Doctors’ – professional  artists – who make weekly visits to young children in hospitals and other care environments.

The  Giggle Doctors work in close consultation with the nursing staff to create special programmes to amuse and entertain the young patients, and their visits always bring a smile to both children and adults.

This non-profit Foundation receives no state funding, and relies upon the support of donors and partners to finance its five different children’s programmes.

The Theodora Foundation is a founding member of the European Federation of Hospital Clown Organizations (EFHCO).’


Jane Goodall Institute




The Jane Goodall Institute Switzerland and its Roots & Shoots (R&S) programme does wonderful work for communities and conservation of great apes in Uganda. Funding from this race will go towards training in the construction and use of energy-saving stoves in poor areas. It’s women who are trained, and each woman trained is expected to then train at least two other women.

  • SFr 1,000 helps R&S train 80 women resulting in 240 energy-saving stoves constructed
  • SFr 2,000 helps R&S train 160 women resulting in 480 energy-saving stoves constructed
  • SFr 5,000 helps R&S train 400 women resulting in 1,200 energy-saving stoves constructed